[Twisted-Python] deferred graph?

Dan Stromberg drsalists at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 16:30:55 EDT 2012

I'm continuing to have some stuck deferreds - deferredlists probably.

I had that graphviz/twisted graphing thing working for some test code, but
upon applying it to some deferreds that're getting stuck in some production
code, I didn't get the same pleasing output - not entirely surprising.
Part of the issue is that some of the deferreds have already disappeared
(which in a way is a good thing - less to sift through to find what's
left), and part of the matter is I believe there are some custom __repr__'s
in the code that are causing my graph code to discover violated assumptions.

Anyway, what I got, greatly truncated on the right, looks like:
  Deferred_at_0x46edcf8 ->
  Deferred_at_0x46edcf8 ->

To the right of those two lines appear to be a huge dictionary dump - and I
do mean huge.

Grep'ing through the code, I see no "current.result" matches.  There is
however a "current\.result" in the twisted code.

...so... I suppose I'm looking for a deferred (list) at a specific id(),
though that's a little fiddly to catch.

Can anyone think of other ways of getting to the bottom of this?  Perhaps
some field in a deferred or deferredList I can introspect to get better

Is monkey patching an identifier of some sort into each deferred
reasonable?  The intent would be to make it easier to match up the
lingering DeferredLists with the place they're created.

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