[Twisted-Python] Absent List-Id header?

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Fri Jul 6 15:16:35 EDT 2012

On Jul 06, 2012, at 05:04 PM, Phil Mayers wrote:

>On 06/07/12 15:26, Laurens Van Houtven wrote:
>> Sorry, I hope this isn't causing you any issues!
>No biggie.
>I *think* it must be messages with attachments; only your first two had 
>that issue, the rest of the thread has List-Id.
>It's probably mailman being dumb.

Inconceivable!  <vizzini wink>

Reading the list via gmane, and looking at lvh's Message-IDs

<32FC267C-F4F6-4FBB-B553-15812751A7E2 at lvh.cc>
<3B814A92-5FED-45C5-A6AA-B77314E25899 at lvh.cc>

both of which contain attachments, I see the expected List-IDs.

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