[Twisted-Python] regarding ticket #2328

Yaroslav Fedevych jaroslaw.fedewicz at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 13:07:28 EST 2012

I, for one, second the question.

What I'm currently missing is even the basic information on what, more 
exactly, Twisted Words is and what it is not. Recently, I heard some 
potential customer talking about a universal messaging gateway (multiple 
protocols (including email), throttling, in some cases — per-message 
charging, messaging storage). I was wondering if t.words is something 
which is exactly right to use for projects like that and what facilities 
it provides to help me.

Currently I see it is mostly client-oriented. I can only see an IRC 
protocol (server-side), I however don't see what interfaces I need to 
implement for a working pluggable messaging server. Maybe I'm looking at 
wrong places or misunderstand the purpose of t.words altogether.

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