[Twisted-Python] question about twisted+wxPython : How to migrate to twistd ?

Glyph glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Wed Jan 11 21:37:26 EST 2012

On Jan 9, 2012, at 8:14 PM, bino oetomo wrote:

> And if it not to much ... i prefer using twisted .tac file and service.MultiService() and service.Application().

As far as I can tell, you're completely on the right track for what you want to do.  I personally wouldn't use twistd for this, but there's nothing stopping you: you just need to make sure to pass the appropriate reactor option.  As long as you do 'twistd --reactor wx -y Your-App.tac'  you should be fine.  (Although some GUI libraries are highly sensitive to the use of fork(), so you may need to toss a -n in there as well; I don't know specifically about wx.)


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