[Twisted-Python] connectionMade, TLS and DoS protection timeouts

Tobias Oberstein tobias.oberstein at tavendo.de
Tue Feb 28 18:42:32 EST 2012

I was wondering how I could protect a Twisted server from evil clients initiating,
but never completing a TLS handshake.

connectionMade is only called when the TLS handshake has completed, right?

When doing listenSSL, is there a hook which is fired right after the TCP handshake is
complete, before the TLS handshake begins, so that I can setup a callLater/dropConnection

This is the piece I am missing, since for TCP-level protection (Syn floods etc), I can
use kernel parameters / kernel packet filtering, and for app-level protection
(I do WebSockets .. which also has a handshake) I can timeout that.

I like to do above without requiring a frontend TLS terminator / firewall ..



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