[Twisted-Python] Running Twisted tests with testtools

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Wed Feb 8 12:30:14 EST 2012

On Feb 8, 2012, at 12:22 PM, Free Ekanayaka wrote:

> Probably a good addition to the documentation of the two projects would
> be to describe the differences between the two and if there is any
> reason one should use one or the other, beside bare taste. I can surely
> help with that when I have better picture myself.

I still disagree.  This is the job for some other website, to compare python testing tools.  After all, why not add in nose?  py.test?  They both also have Twisted support that works differently.  Trial's website and documentation should focus on how Trial works and how to use it, not on providing a comprehensive comparison matrix.

I'm not saying that such a comparison shouldn't exist, just that it shouldn't be the Twisted website's job and it's certainly not the Trial documentation's job.  So feel free to write one up!

(Plus, returning Deferreds should ideally be an edge case, even in the context of testing Twisted stuff - as much as possible, tests should run synchronously and simulate the events that cause asynchrony in the real world, so that they can test different orderings and edge cases and not just depend on random load variance on the build machines to get coverage of those cases.)

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