[Twisted-Python] First pre-release of Twisted 12.3.0

Itamar Turner-Trauring itamar at itamarst.org
Fri Dec 14 19:45:41 EST 2012

On 12/14/2012 07:31 PM, Eric P. Mangold wrote:
> Oh, and uh technically, since I have not changed the original author's patch (hence, I am not the original author of the code) I can perform the review on this patch myself? I believe I have done this before, and unless there is some objection, I guess I can go ahead and do that...
I've definitely gotten a patch or two in where the verification was done 
manually by a reviewer due to obscureness of the platform and lack of 
current buildslave (*cough*python-gi*cough*). So I'd say yes. But having 
a build machine is *much* better.

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