[Twisted-Python] Twisted 12.2.0pre1 is here!

Ashwini Oruganti ashwini.oruganti at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 11:44:50 EDT 2012

The pre-release for the upcoming Twisted 12.2 is now available!

You can download the tarballs here:


Highlights for this release include:

  * To be able to work on Python3 support, Python 2.5 is no longer

  * twisted.mail.imap4 now serves BODYSTRUCTURE responses which provide
more information and conform to the IMAP4 RFC more closely.

  * twisted.conch now supports commercial SSH implementations which don't
comply with the IETF standard.

  * twisted.internet.endpoints now provides several new endpoints,
including a TCP client endpoint that resolves hostnames to IPv6 host

  * IReactorSocket.adoptStreamConnection, implemented by some reactors,
allows adding an existing established connection to the reactor.

For the complete list, see the NEWS file.

Note that starting with the next release after 12.2, Twisted will begin
requiring zope.interface 3.6 (as part of Python3 support).

Please download the tarballs and test them rigorously, so we can have a
great release!


Ashwini Oruganti (ashfall)
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