[Twisted-Python] IUnicodeUsernamePassword?

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Wed Aug 8 19:36:59 EDT 2012

Le Aug 8, 2012 à 5:36 AM, Laurens Van Houtven <_ at lvh.cc> a écrit :

> 2. Add an IUnicodeUsernamePassword interface and implementation, and leaving adaptation to handle decoding/encoding. The downside here is that IIUC cred does not try to adapt to the ICredentialsChecker's supported interfaces, something I believe I complained about a few years back.

And it never will.  Trying to make this work all the way would require infinitely transitive adaptation, not to mention some kind of additional plugin interface to make sure that all your adapter registrations get loaded by the right moment, so you need to have checkers which explicitly declare their support.  But nowadays we have strcred, and if only everything used that, you could develop all this support in your application, including a strcred prefix which could fix any IUsernamePasword-checking checker by wrapping it :).

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