[Twisted-Python] debug with twisted manhole?

jian li lijian.whu at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 02:57:57 EDT 2012

Hi, All:
I am new to twisted, but I am really like the way twisted does. Here is my
problem? I write some server program with twisted framework. after it was
deployed, I found sometimes twisted thread took too much memory and
sometimes the program just halt without any error information.
    the first thing I came with is debugging. After searching in google,
 It seems twisted manhole was the right thing I should turn to. But another
problem comes now. I can telnet successfully, but I cannot run any
commands, such as "dir()". I always get the same error "?Unknown argument".
Is there anyone can help me out? there is very few information about how to
use twisted manhole, even in twisted document. can anyone give me some
documents or links about twisted manhole?<br/>
Thanks a lot. <br/>
here is how I add manhole to my program:<br/>

    application = service.Application(settings.get('PROJECT_NAME'))
    multiService = service.MultiService()

    server = Server() #my original server instance
    namespace = {"server": server}
    from twisted.conch.manhole_tap   import makeService
    options = \
    # for some reason, these must
    # all exist, even if None
    'namespace'  : namespace,
    'passwd'     : None, #'pwd.txt',
    'sshPort'    : None,
    'telnetPort' : '8089',
    shell_service = makeService(options)
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