[Twisted-Python] buildbot hosting (fwd)

John Santos JOHN at egh.com
Thu Apr 19 20:25:05 EDT 2012

Hi Glyph,

I'm probably closer to you than Ray, but he sounds like he might have a
better environment.  I'm live in Belmont, 1 block from Cambridge.  I have
FIOS (20Mb, I think, but just a single IP and no A/C.  I haven't used any
dynamic DNS service, but can't imagine it would be too hard to set up. 


Another possibility would be my office in Lexington.  Real (though small)
computer room, A/C, limited UPS, etc. and lots of room since we just
consolidated a bunch of servers.  We have both FIOS and ComCast business
service and (at the moment) a couple of spare IP addresses.  We can
firewall it off from everything internal so it would look like it was
sitting on the Internet all by itself.  Or we could provide DNS service
and whatever for it.

We use a fair amount of Twisted and one of my coworkers was recently
saying we should kick in something to the Twisted project.  Maybe this
is a way of doing it.  He's also the guy (currently) in charge of our
network infrastructure, so he's the one I would have to talk it over
with him, but he's on vacation this week.  Also, I'm going to NYC
tomorrow (mini-vacation) so I won't be able to talk to him about it
until late Monday or Tuesday.  It looks like you are moving in early
June at the latest, I think that might work...

A little later...

I dropped him an email, and just heard back.  It sounds fine to him, so
I'm officially making the offer...

Ray Cote wrote:

How many IPs does this require?
Is this a standard tower-type system or rack mount.
If it is just a case of plugging it into the net, we can move that up to our
office in the interim.
However, we really don't have rack mount capability.
NH, but I figure that's close enough--:}

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> I'm leaving my home in the Boston metro area, and moving
> cross-country. This move should take at least a couple of weeks.

> I currently host buildbots for many of our supported platforms;
> everything with a 'bot-glyph-*' in front of it on this page: <
> http://buildbot.twistedmatrix.com/buildslaves >, and also
> bot-exarkun-1. So, when I move (at the latest, 6 weeks from now)
> these will all go offline.

> We need a volunteer who either:

> 1. lives somewhere in massachusetts and can plug these in to an
> ethernet port
> 2. wants to re-set-up all of these buildbots on some new hosting

> The somewhat less palatable option 3 is to just let much of our build
> infrastructure be offline for a month.

> -glyph

John Santos
Evans Griffiths & Hart, Inc.
781-861-0670 ext 539

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