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Fri Oct 28 10:01:47 EDT 2011

* Trial spins the reactor a couple of times before cleaning it up,
  ``AsynchronousDeferredRunTest`` does not.  If you rely on this behavior, =

And the API documentation:

    """Test runner that works around Twisted brokenness re reactor junk.

    There are many APIs within Twisted itself where a Deferred fires but
    leaves cleanup work scheduled for the reactor to do.  Arguably, many of
    these are bugs.  This runner iterates the reactor event loop a number o=
    times after every test, in order to shake out these buggy-but-commonpla=

> =A0>>However it'd be good if Twisted took a clear position on this,
> =A0G> Nope. =A0We write software, not position papers :).
> Okay maybe I used the wrong wording. I was asking for a "position"
> because I got the impression that Jonathan is considering testtools a
> sort of trial2 that provides improvements over trial, but that was not
> likely going to replace only it because of compatibility reasons. Please
> Jonathan correct me if it's not the case.
> So *if* testtools is considered superior to trial for some reason, but
> it's problematic for Twisted to internally drop trial in favor of
> testtools, I was wondering if it was the case to (also) point people to
> testtools from the Twisted website/documentaiton, or something along
> those lines.

The passive voice here is masking an ambiguity. I consider testtools
superior to trial in many ways. Some others disagree, or don't have
enough information to form an opinion.

Perhaps it's worth a mention in the Twisted documentation, but I
personally won't push too hard for that.

> =A0G> I think that the main risks to "languishing" or "not taking off"
> =A0G> for both Trial and testtools are issues with their own
> =A0G> documentation and promotional materials, not in any conflict with
> =A0G> each other. =A0If you're worried about it, contribute code or
> =A0G> documentation or blog-posts or what have you to one or both
> =A0G> projects :).
> Probably a good addition to the documentation of the two projects would
> be to describe the differences between the two and if there is any
> reason one should use one or the other, beside bare taste. I can surely
> help with that when I have better picture myself.

For testtools, we'd also have to do that for nose, nose2, unittest2,
zope.testing and py.test for it to make any sense. Heck, just listing
all of those makes me regret ever writing any test framework code in
the first place.

I'm not sure I'd want that documentation, to be honest. I would only
ever do work towards it if it meant that one test framework could be
killed, even if that ended up being testtools.


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