[Twisted-Python] Passing extra arguments along callbacks

Jonathan Ballet jon at multani.info
Fri Oct 21 21:32:10 EDT 2011


I'm trying to play a little bit with Twisted to discover how it works
and I thought it was a nice exercise with the following case.

I have a list of IP addresses that I want to get the reverse DNS value.
I'm using the answer provided by JP at
to perform the lookup and it's all good.

I'm putting all the results of client.lookupPointer() into a
DeferredList to display the result in order when everything is donew,
which is also working fine. The code looks like this so far:

def resolve(ip):
    ptr = '.'.join(ip.split('.')[::-1]) + '.in-addr.arpa'
    return client.lookupPointer(ptr)

def display_results(result):
    for (succeeded, value) in result:
        if not succeeded:
            print "unknown"
            (ans, auth, add) = value
            name = ans[0].payload.name
            print name

d = DeferredList([resolve(ip) for ip in IPS],

Now, I would like to have access both to the result of the lookup but
also the original IP address, so that I can print, especially, the
addresses which failed to be resolved.

At first, I added a callback to lookupPointer() like this:

    client.lookupPointer(ptr).addCallback(lambda r: (ip, r))

and it does the job: in display_results(), I now have the IP address and
the result of the lookup.

However, I'm stuck how to do this for the failures: I tried to add an
errback the same way as I added the callback to lookupPointer(), but
then, it seems that DeferredList() sees the result of the errback() as a
ssuccess, so `succeeded` is True and I hav to ressort to a isinstance()
call to compare to see if my item is a Failure exception or not, like

def display_results(result):
    for (succeeded, value) in result:
        ip, answer = result
        if isinstance(answer, twisted.python.failure.Failure):
            succeeded = False

My question is: is there a simpler way to pass values along the

Side question: why the reactor is not stopped in the final example



ps: my final try looks like this:

from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.internet.defer import DeferredList
from twisted.names import client
import twisted.python.failure

IPS = open('ips.txt').read().split()[0:10]

def display_results(result):
    for (succeeded, value) in result:
        ip, answer = value
        if isinstance(answer, twisted.python.failure.Failure):
            succeeded = False

        if not succeeded:
            name = "(unknown)"
            (ans, auth, add) = answer
            name = str(ans[0].payload.name)

        print "%16s: %s" % (ip, name)

def resolve(ip):
    ptr = '.'.join(ip.split('.')[::-1]) + '.in-addr.arpa'
    return client.lookupPointer(ptr).\
            addCallback(lambda x: (ip, x)).\
            addErrback(lambda x: (ip, x))

l = [resolve(ip) for ip in IPS]
d = DeferredList( l, consumeErrors=True).\
        addCallback(lambda x: reactor.stop)


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