[Twisted-Python] Twisted enterprise deployment models

Itamar Turner-Trauring itamar at itamarst.org
Thu Oct 20 07:57:23 EDT 2011

On Thu, 2011-10-20 at 23:50 +1300, Brad Milne wrote:

> To date we have begun introducing RabbitMQ (AMQP), with separate
> Twisted processes running as adapters at either end of queues. On the
> surface this fits nicely as it provides distributed architecture,
> resilience through isolation, and decoupled upgrade paths. On the
> flipside though, it means more technology and more processes running
> outside of a singleton Twisted reactor (read: OS process management,
> which Twisted's designed to be better than).

Twisted is not better than OS process management, I'd say. It's more of
a complement - the event driven model is better than threading
(especially given Python's crippled support for threads), and processes
gives you scalability, robustness and the ability to upgrade code. 
Since it sounds like you have a working solution, no need to worry too
much about theoretical superior solutions :)

Of course, what little I know of Erlang suggests that it's way better,
in terms of hot upgrades... but the language was designed with that in
mind, unlike Python.

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