[Twisted-Python] Does anyone use ampoule in production?

Flavio Grossi flaviogrossi at ymail.com
Mon Nov 21 04:03:47 EST 2011

gelin yan <dynamicgl <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Hi glyph
>      I attached a file for this purpose. there is a number 4073 inside the 
code. when i use any smaller value, the function return a correct result. I use 
win 7 & twisted 11.1 at the moment. I am not sure whether this limit comes from 
os or not.

there is a limit, but it's 64kb [1][2], not 4k, in fact i can successfully run 
your program in linux until i use something bigger than 64k.

maybe there's an os-specific bug somewhere.


[1] http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/current/api/twisted.protocols.amp.html 
(the notes section)

[2] http://twistedmatrix.com/pipermail/twisted-python/2009-February/019218.html 
(mail by ampoule author)

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