[Twisted-Python] data dispatch on massive connection counts

Tobias Oberstein tobias.oberstein at tavendo.de
Mon Nov 14 13:44:03 EST 2011

> > I was told that the new Python 3 IO system does not use fopen(),
> > however Twisted is not yet there on Python 3, right?
> If you are wild, you can try https://bitbucket.org/pitrou/t3k/ (at least as an
> experiment :-))

I am .. but not thaaat much;)

> > There is a backport of that new IO to Python 2.7, but I'm not sure if
> > thats transparent for calls like Python open().
> io.open() should work indeed. However, open() still uses the old I/O routines
> (and therefore fopen()) for compatibility.
> If you don't have control on the open() call, you could still try to
> monkeypatch the module doing the open() call:
>     somemodule.open = io.open

This is cool .. I just did

import io, __builtin__
__builtin__.open = io.open

in the application's tac file .. and voila:

50k WebSocket connections
Twisted Web still serving web pages
<500MB RAM


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