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Mon Nov 14 13:33:45 EST 2011

On Nov 14, 2011, at 6:55 AM, Tim Allen wrote:

> It's very well to say "make git mirror, push to Github, get new
> contributors", but I think there's a social impedance mismatch here
> that's going to cause problems, or at least make people wary because
> Twisted's Github project behaves weirdly and differently from other
> Github projects they're used to.

You're right, of course, but lots of other projects (Django comes to mind) have a Github presence without using Github or Git as their primary development tool.  See here: <https://github.com/django>.

We already have <https://github.com/twisted>, it's just broken; despite the brokenness it has 14 watchers and 5 forks _anyway_, so clearly people want to use it.  This is definitely worse than having a mirror that was updated and working correctly.

> I've not forgotten that I have/had Twisted commit access, and coming
> back to help on a more regular basis is definitely on my list of things
> to do, although it's pushed down a fair way at the moment.  However,
> even "volunteer for Twisted" was right at the top of the list, I'd be
> a mug to sign up for such an open-ended responsibility. :)

Welcome to open source.  It's all a never-ending thankless slog :-).

Really the most important thing here though is just to get the automatic mirroring initially set up, not the never-ending ambassadorial work.  That way git users wouldn't _need_ elaborate instructions as to what to clone and how; if we just say "get twisted from github" and have that automatically updated it would be easier for everyone.


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