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On Nov 13, 2011, at 11:39 PM, exarkun at twistedmatrix.com wrote:

>> I'm not sure whether an official mirror is a good idea - it's another
>> service that would need to be maintained, and it seems that among
>> Twisted core devs there's not a lot of interest or expertise in
>> maintaining it. If Git-using contributors can take care of things
>> themselves without adding any extra administrative load on Twisted's
>> volunteers, what use would an official Git mirror be?
> The obvious answer is that having one mirror to point people at is 
> better than letting them wonder amongst a forest of dozens of mirrors. 
> On the other hand, maybe Git users prefer the latter scenario.  A number 
> of people have asked for an official Git mirror, though.  If no one 
> wants this anymore, then by all means let's forget about it.

Tim: you're right that there isn't much interest among the current Twisted core development team.  But the whole point of having a Git mirror (and a presence on Github, which I think is the next step) is to attract new developers to this community.

That's why the topic of this thread is "Twisted Project Jobs Volunteer".  We're asking for someone with expertise in this area to step up, volunteer to help maintain this mirror, which should help us attract more people who are interested in the same going forward.

Is that person you?  You're already maintaining the wiki page - and your participation in this thread has probably taken more time than the setup would have, if you have the relevant knowledge :).  Is there something you're missing?  Some administrative credential, perhaps?  Information about where the relevant code lives?  If you're up for continuing on this, I'm sure we can get you whatever you need :).


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