[Twisted-Python] kqueue reactor / ticket #1918

Glyph glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Sat Nov 5 02:07:04 EDT 2011

On Nov 4, 2011, at 1:11 PM, Tobias Oberstein wrote:

>>> This is awesome, BUT...
>>> ...would probably have to be distributed outside of Twisted proper (at
>>> least for the moment), as Twisted supports versions of Python < 2.6,
>>> where select.kqueue would not exist.
>>> (Maybe this is your plan, but I'm just pointing it out.)
>> It would be fine for Twisted to offer this feature only on Python 2.6 and
>> newer.
> Would be great of course to have it in Twisted.

Yes :).

> In the meantime, I've packaged it up
> http://pypi.python.org/pypi/txkqreactor

Thanks, but we should really try to integrate it ASAP. :)

> Caveat: as attached to the ticket, there are some errs when running trial
> which don't happen with select reactor.

Do you think you could start fixing some of those errors?  Do they make sense to you?  If you're interested in moving this ticket forward, I'm sure that folks on this mailing list (me included) would love to provide you some guidance.

> Whether those are significant I can't tell ..

If they're failing tests, they're significant :).  In order for stuff to be added to Twisted, the full test suite needs to run.

> if there is anything I can do to clarify (like i.e. running on non-virtualized hardware FreeBSD) let me know.

Have you run the tests on OS X as well?


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