[Twisted-Python] kqueue reactor / ticket #1918

Tobias Oberstein tobias.oberstein at tavendo.de
Fri Nov 4 13:11:38 EDT 2011

> >This is awesome, BUT...
> >
> >...would probably have to be distributed outside of Twisted proper (at
> >least for the moment), as Twisted supports versions of Python < 2.6,
> >where select.kqueue would not exist.
> >
> >(Maybe this is your plan, but I'm just pointing it out.)
> It would be fine for Twisted to offer this feature only on Python 2.6 and
> newer.

Would be great of course to have it in Twisted.

In the meantime, I've packaged it up


Caveat: as attached to the ticket, there are some errs when running trial
which don't happen with select reactor.

Whether those are significant I can't tell .. if there is anything I can do to
clarify (like i.e. running on non-virtualized hardware FreeBSD) let me know.

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