[Twisted-Python] kqueue reactor / ticket #1918

Tobias Oberstein tobias.oberstein at tavendo.de
Fri Nov 4 11:54:36 EDT 2011

> >Is there any regression/test/stresstest I could run to verify the stuff
> >actually works?
> You can run the Twisted test suite:
>     trial --reactor kqueue twisted
> (assuming you've hooked up the name "kqueue" to your new version of the
> kqueue reactor).
> This is what needs to work in order for the new reactor to be added to
> Twisted itself (ie, for us to resolve #1918).

Hello Jean-Paul,

I've ran the new one on a Python 2.7.1/Twisted 11.0 (stock) by patching


#kqueue = Reactor(
#    'kqueue', 'twisted.internet.kqreactor', 'kqueue(2)-based reactor.')
kqueue = Reactor(
    'kqueue', 'txkqreactor.kqreactor', 'NEW kqueue(2)-based reactor.')

and running both that, and the select() reactor.

Uploaded all logs to the ticket.

The diff between both:



< Ran 6515 tests in 102.948s
> Ran 6515 tests in 343.371s
< FAILED (skips=977, expectedFailures=11, failures=1, errors=7, successes=5519)
> FAILED (skips=977, expectedFailures=11, failures=2, errors=13, successes=5516)

< = select
> = new kqueue

Is that good, bad or ugly?

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