[Twisted-Python] Windows build slaves

Michael Tharp gxti at partiallystapled.com
Fri Mar 18 23:08:56 EDT 2011


I hear that Twisted needs some new/better/more reliable Windows build 
slaves. My employer has plenty of ESX capacity, and I know that a few 
other people are interested in helping out as well, so perhaps this a 
good time to clarify the requirements:

Which platforms: XP and 7? 32bit and 64bit? Any interest in the server 

Per-machine requirements: how much HDD and RAM? Any weird stuff like 
serial ports?

Connectivity: Is NAT OK, or are inbound connections required?

Do maintainers need access to the hypervisor, or is it adequate to have 
a watchdog to reboot crashed slaves?

Contingent on employer approval, I can donate 4 VMs (one of each flavor) 
with 2GiB of RAM and tens of GB storage each, including MSDN licenses. 
The limitations are that they would be on a NAT-only subnet with no 
possibility of inbound ports, and that there would be no hypervisor 
access. However, I can provide a watchdog to deal with crashed slaves 
and a VPN could be arranged if there's a public endpoint I can direct it 
to. I'm also "generally pretty accessible" although Glyph unsurprisingly 
indicates that people have failed to live up to that promise in the past 
:P   The offer is flexible, I'm just trying to start small to feel out 
the requirements.

Michael Tharp
rPath, Inc.

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