[Twisted-Python] AMP cred stuff

Stephen Waterbury waterbug at pangalactic.us
Tue Mar 15 10:25:02 EDT 2011

Hey Glyph, Jp, and twisted sprinters,

Sorry I couldn't stay longer -- I stretched my "travel day"
as far as possible, but have to get back to my real job now
(on which I'm under the gun atm).  Hope I can sprint longer
next time -- I had a lot of fun, and the energy in the room
is amazing!

I'll attach the code to a bug tonight (I'll create one if there
isn't one).  I hope I can carve out time to add Kerberos (in
another issue, of course) soon -- selfishly, because I really
need it for my app at work.

Gotta get back to work now -- you guys all rock!


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