[Twisted-Python] Debug logging

exarkun at twistedmatrix.com exarkun at twistedmatrix.com
Sun Mar 6 00:51:35 EST 2011

On 01:12 am, thomasdrake1 at gmail.com wrote:
>Why not try:
>from twisted.python import log
>log.err('an error happened')

except you should really only pass Failures to log.err, or None if 
you're calling it in an `except` block.

>log.msg('something nice happened')
>If you're set on using the logging module, why not read this:
>On Mar 5, 2011, at 5:00 PM, Juan Antonio Ibañez Santorum wrote:
>>    I am running a smaill app using twistd. All works OK except I 
>>cannot get debugging messages into the log. I think I may to set 
>>logging level but I don't know if possible nor where it can be done. I 
>>am using the python logging module. Any help wourd be appreciated.
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