[Twisted-Python] Async-pep (again)

Laurens Van Houtven _ at lvh.cc
Wed Jul 13 06:03:03 MDT 2011


So, some of you might remember my async-pep post a while ago. Some people
correctly complained there was no code or text. There's some code and quite
a bit of text now. In fact, it even has a PEP number (3153)! So I'm
soliciting feedback again.

There's an issue tracker that ideally describes what needs to be done:

Specifically, #21: https://github.com/lvh/async-pep/issues/21 (a basic
implementation of an async api compatible protocol) and #22:
https://github.com/lvh/async-pep/issues/22 (a trivial implementation of a
backend using just the stdlib). If anyone has any thoughts on those, please
chime in.

cheers and thanks in advance
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