[Twisted-Python] SURVEY: Have you submitted a patch to Twisted and it never got in?

David Ripton dripton at ripton.net
Fri Jul 1 16:57:04 MDT 2011

On 07/01/11 12:08, Itamar Turner-Trauring wrote:
> In order to have at least some anecdotal evidence --
> If you've submitted a patch to Twisted (or started a branch) and it never
> made it in, how did that happen? I imagine reasons might include a review
> request to write tests, redesign requests, getting distracted, "it works
> for me", design discussions that never got anywhere... What happened in
> your case?

I made it through the first several hurdles (working code, following 
coding standards, unit tests for everything) but then hit a legitimate 
reverse compatibility concern that kept my patches from landing. 
Someone eventually came up with a good solution, but the time gap meant 
that other things had changed and/or were about to change in Twisted, 
and gave more people a chance to bikeshed, which gave me less confidence 
that whatever I eventually finished would land.  So I punted and waited 
for someone with more political clout to take over.

Working with patches because you don't have svn commit rights is 
annoying, but this annoyance is a relatively minor fixed cost.  The real 
issue, for controversial features, is achieving consensus, and then 
getting your feature in before consensus is lost.

David Ripton    dripton at ripton.net

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