[Twisted-Python] SURVEY: Have you submitted a patch to Twisted and it never got in?

chris chris at emerge-life.de
Fri Jul 1 11:08:33 MDT 2011

Hi all,

On 01.07.2011 18:36, Phil Mayers wrote:
> However, more constructively (less whiney!) some tickets languished in
> "make these tiny cleanups" and that's just incredibly painful in the
> current setup, with SVN and Trac mediating things.
> I've got absolutely no interest in pulling SVN head, writing a patch,
> submitting it as an attachment via Trac and *then* being told "ok, I've
> created this branch. Go off and learn how to do branches in a crappy old
> centralised VCS, and in a way compatible with UQDS, re-do your patch in
> a branch, then send another diff in as a file"

I absolutely agree with Phil here.
The twisted code and contribution standards are so high that patches 
from new contributors (like myself) are bound to be rejected/resubmitted 
at least once, maybe more. Don't get me wrong, I believe high standards 
are a good thing, but doing continuous development based on tools like 
svn and trac is really painful and it's really difficult to motivate 
yourself to work on a once rejected ticket.

That being said, I believe that the move to a DVCS is a smart move for 
any project looking for continuous community contribution, because IMHO 
they simply allow for a more developer friendly process for all 
involved, thus making the whole review process a more friendly and less 
discouraging thing.


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