[Twisted-Python] Log output formatting (was Re: logging question)

Tom Sheffler tom.sheffler at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 12:32:50 EST 2011

I am happy with the information I get out of the logging system and the
formatting of errors and tracebacks.  We've recently come across two things
that could be handled nicer however.

1) we use multiple logfiles.  one for *all* messages, and another for
*special* messages.  It would be nice if the concept of multiple logfiles
and the routing of messages to files was part of the system.

2) the above, coupled with the use of twisd and starting the logfiles was a
little weird.  Our main logfile is attached to the application like this

application.setComponent(ILogObserver, FileLogObserver(logfile).emit)

and the other logfile just starts on its own.  I had expected to attach
both of them to the application and set up an event filter for each.  It's
a little non-symmetric the way it is.

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