[Twisted-Python] 11.0 in PPA

Christian Kampka chris at emerge-life.de
Mon Aug 15 13:31:56 EDT 2011

On 15.08.2011 16:52, Jessica McKellar wrote:
> Hi folks,
>> It would be nice if the ppa were up to date, though.  Maybe someone who
>> knows how to update it can share that information so that someone who
>> has time to keep it up to date can take over the job.
> I would like to volunteer for this. I don't know much about packaging
> and this seems like a good opportunity to learn.
> If there are no objections, what I'll do is:
> a) learn more about the ideal Twisted PPA situation (if you have
> thoughts on what that should be, tell me)
> b) extract the existing Twisted PPA knowledge from people
> c) add a PPA maintenance job description to
> http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/wiki/ProjectJobs
> d) get started updating the PPA
> If anyone else wants to help I'm happy to share the duties.


as a matter of fact, I have a ppa that has recent twisted packages[1].
The packages I put up there are actually based on upstream Ubuntu
packages and "just work" for me, but for an official ppa, I'd guess they
could use a little work and especially testing.
I can't say I'm an expert on packages or ppas, but I'm happy to offer
any advice if needed.
For starters, if you think about making this an official twisted
packaging project, I'd suggest switching from launchpad ppas to obs[2]
as it offers a much wider range of supported distributions
(Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora/CentOS) and a very powerful command line client.
Don't worry about the name, it's really an all purpose building tool,
it's open source and can therefore be run as a private instance.


[1] https://launchpad.net/~kampka/+archive/python
[2] openSUSE Build Service - http://build.opensuse.org

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