[Twisted-Python] scaling with lots of clients

Grant Mckenzie mckenzig at optonline.net
Wed Aug 3 18:42:51 EDT 2011

> Threading won't help much if you're CPU bound, since Python can only run
> one Python thread at once. Process pooling probably would help, though
> will involve a more complex infrastructure. Which part of the docs made
> you think that process pooling is a bad idea?

Hi Itamar,

on re-reading I see nothing particular about process pooling being a bad idea. 

I see the explanation of spawning processes from the reactor here:


This seems to be designed for spawning processes for compute purposes which no doubt has a lot of use cases. I'd like ot spawn 
processes to handle user communication however. THe only thing that I can think of is multiple processes each with their
own reactor handling communication, and one or more other processes to handle compute. Thoughts?

THanks for your help.

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