[Twisted-Python] reactor for both udp and tcp/ timer issue

belk Dj d_belkhiter at yahoo.fr
Fri Sep 10 12:55:01 EDT 2010

I need to communicate with servers over tcp and also communicate with other servers over udp.
It seems not possible to launch two reactor objects one for tcp and one for udp.
The code after a reactor.run is not called.
How can this can be solved ?

One more thing that deals with timer.
When i send a message to a server if after some time i don't get an acknowledge i re send the message. 
And that x times.
To do that i use Timer. When i send the message i start the timer if the acknowledge comes before the timeout i cancel the timer.
If i don't receive this acknwledge in time i cancel the timer i re send the previous message and i re start the timer.

In this two cases the program fails with the message the timer is still started.
What is the issue ? 


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