[Twisted-Python] Strange error: SQL-Server tries to rollback

Paul Goins general at vultaire.net
Fri Sep 10 06:49:10 EDT 2010

Sorry, one more thing.

 > But how can I use the con.commit method with runOperation and runQuery
 > that I use in my application?

I'm pretty sure ConnectionPools should take care of the commit for you, 
provided there was no error.  If there was an error, then it attempts a 

This should be true for runQuery, runOperation and runInteraction.  I 
think the one exception is runWithConnection which wraps and gives 
access to a (lightly wrapped) connection object, but I think most people 
don't really need this.

Hope this helps.  Again, please give an example of the problem if you can.

- Paul Goins

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