[Twisted-Python] conchoctopus: APIs for working with multiple SSH servers

Kuba Kończyk jakamkon at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 04:57:10 EDT 2010

Hi Everyone,

Conchoctopus was started as a library that glue together various parts
of twisted.conch
so that it can be easily used in everyday work with SSH
servers.Currently there are two APIs
you can use.

First one takes care of most low level details of t.c such as
authentication and error handling
and provides ready to use classes that you can use in your twisted
code.I would like to make
it as usable for other twisted users as possible.

There's also high level API where all deferred management machinery is hidden.
User have to create a python module with a Task class that specifies
'what to do' using
inlineCallbacks and Config class with a list of servers to work
on.This modules can then
be run with an simple console utility.

Both APIs are documented and armed with test suite.Please play around
and let me know what
can be improved or added.

Code is available from pypi:


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