[Twisted-Python] How to get original error message in failure object

Pet petshmidt at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 9 05:42:44 EDT 2010


if an error occurs in HTTP11ClientProtocol request method
(twisted.web._newclient) then error is stored in
RequestGenerationFailed Exception and wrapped in Failure object:

        def ebRequestWriting(err):
            if self._state == 'TRANSMITTING':
                self._state = 'GENERATION_FAILED'
                log.err(err, "foo")

but if I print detailed traceback of failure in my code it doesn't
show all information it contains

Original Failure (err in function above):
[Failure instance: Traceback: <type 'exceptions.TypeError'>: Data must
not be unicode

This is detailed traceback, where I don't see the message "Data must
not be unicode"

*--- Failure #7 (pickled) ---
Failure: twisted.web._newclient.RequestGenerationFailed:
[<twisted.python.failure.Failure <type 'exceptions.TypeError'>>]
*--- End of Failure #7 ---

Is there a way to get original error message and where it was raised
in Twisted code?

Thanks a lot!

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