[Twisted-Python] txdev: utility for working on Twisted

Jonathan Lange jml at mumak.net
Wed Sep 8 17:12:48 EDT 2010

Hello everyone,

I wrote a tool to help do Twisted development, especially with Bazaar.
You can get the code with:
  $ bzr branch lp:~jml/+junk/twisteddev

Basically, it's a few things to help with the interactions between
branches and tickets. It might well work with Subversion, since it's
mostly just putting strings together. There's some support for Bazaar
configuration. It might even work with other Twisted-like projects,
(e.g. Divmod projects).

There are some examples below. I hope they are self-explanatory.

I'll try to fix bugs if you find them. Features, well, you're on your own.

Let me know if it helps you.


$ txdev --help
Usage: txdev [options]
  -h, --help       Display this help and exit.
      --trac-url=  The URL of the Trac instance
      --repo-url=  The Bazaar repository with the branches.
    branch           Get the branch for a ticket
    open-ticket      Open ticket in web browser
    reviews          Display tickets needing review

$ txdev branch 4616

$ bzr branch `txdev branch 4616`
$ cd remove-lineno-patch-4616
$ txdev open-ticket
Created new window in existing browser session.

$ txdev reviews
#4416 - IRCClient: Detect and handle lines that are too long
#4536 - Credentials materials are compared unsafely throughout Twisted
#4567 - Improve lore2sphinx buildbot results for `projects/core/development`
#4568 - Improve lore2sphinx buildbot results for `projects/core/howto`
(except ‘tutorial/’)
#4616 - trial documentation says --coverage requires python 2.3.3
#4617 - Make t.i.a._SocketCloser a new style class
#4623 - Missing interface IQueue
#4632 - ability to cascade canceling inlineCallbacks's deferred
#4641 - twisted.words.im.ircsupport.IRCProto sends USER command with
the wrong data

$ txdev reviews --branches-only

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