[Twisted-Python] PyCon extreme Twisted talk!

Stephen Thorne stephen at thorne.id.au
Thu Oct 21 20:38:33 EDT 2010

On 2010-10-21, Laurens Van Houtven wrote:
> Greetings fellow Twisted aficionados!
> So, Allen (dash) and I have decided that we were going to co-do the Twisted
> Extreme talk at PyCon US 2011. Extreme talks are like talks, except with
> less talking and more coding, so preferably something actionable for an
> entire 45 minutes! That most likely means many steps: start small, and then
> do something more complex.
> I think it's probably a good idea to tune for people who understand Python,
> understand basic networking, but don't really know Twisted very well. People
> who have experience trying to educate people new to Twisted are very welcome
> to chime in.
> I'm not sure what people care about, so ideas are welcome!

At PyCon-Au I demonstrated a 20ish line telnet chat server with
integrated http chat logs in a 3 minute lightning talk. 3 minutes was a
tiny bit short for a proper demonstration of capabilities, 45 might be
too long :P

Stephen Thorne
Development Engineer
Netbox Blue

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