[Twisted-Python] Missing connections with Perspective Broker ( newbie alert )

Grant Mckenzie mckenzig at optonline.net
Tue Nov 30 07:39:48 EST 2010


I am using a Perspective Broker to service requests from a client on the same machine ( Windows XP ). This works fine most of the time however occasionally I see strange behaviour. The client uses connectTCP and provides a timeout of 5 seconds. Logging indicates that the client attempts to make a connection to the server, server logging in the remote methods indicates that the method is not called. Also my error callback on the client is not invoked after the timeout period. Unfotunately this is part of a large system, sporadic behaviour and difficult to generate a test case for.

Also commonly requests a few seconds before and after the issue are handled correctly so the behaviour seems transient. We are using a older version ot twisted 8.x. Any pointers?


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