[Twisted-Python] Announcing Twisted 10.2.0pre3!

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Tue Nov 23 00:05:33 EST 2010

Despite a brief and unsuccessful attempt by Canadian forces to wrest control
of the Twisted release process, it continues.  The francophone domination of
North America may be inevitable, but it won't happen today.  Coming to you
from an ominous tower above Cambridge, Massachusetts, Twisted 10.2.0,
pre-release 3, is here!

You may - and should! - retrieve it from <

To avoid any further delays in getting this release out, we will be keeping
to a tight schedule.  Unless there are any undiscovered, unfixed regressions
from 10.1.0,* the final release of Twisted 10.2.0 will be made on November
29, 2010.  That is **one week from today.*

**Developers, please install the release now and test with your
applications, so you won't be caught off guard when the final release is

This new pre-release includes important bugfixes and several exciting new
features.  Just since the previous prerelease:

   - A new, simpler, *substantially* more robust CoreFoundation reactor.
   - A plug-in API for adding new types of endpoint descriptions.

Other highlights, since the 10.1 release:

   - Improvements to the implementation of Deferred which should both
   improve performance and fix certain runtime errors with long callback
   chains. http://tm.tl/411
   - Deferred.setTimeout is (finally) gone.  http://tm.tl/1702
   - NetstringReceiver is substantially faster. http://tm.tl/4378

Thanks to everyone who worked on the release automation tools, for making
this release possible.  I can guarantee that if I had to spend a moment
longer on it, it wouldn't have gotten done.
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