[Twisted-Python] Noob alert - Looking for a framework for creating a long polling service

Cedric Dugas cedric.dugas at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 12:52:11 EDT 2010

Hi guys,

I am a front-end developer, starting with django with some php in the belt.

I am looking for a framework for doing a long polling service where :

clients would connect to a soecific 'channel' and wait for a response

Where a client admin would push a response only to clients connected to the
same channel

It's a bit like a chat where everyone listening and only one is talking with
multiple channels

I am a bit lost in the twisted doc, I know that twisted do a LOT of thing,
and was wondering, if twisted is appropriate for this task,
and do you have a book to recommend for people like me (by that I mean that
I will not be using low level api's)

Thank you!
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