[Twisted-Python] Is it possible to turn off transactions for adbapi?

George Pauly george at ringdevelopment.com
Thu Mar 18 11:53:24 EDT 2010

Hi Mark,

On Thu, 2010-03-18 at 14:29 +0000, markscottwright at gmail.com wrote:
> I'm trying to get SQL Server 2005 to CREATE DATABASE using twisted.
> However, SQL Server won't allow you to run CREATE DATABASE within a
> transaction (apparently, it's not something sql server can roll back,
> which seems sensible). Which means that the following code results in
> an error. Is there a way to turn transactions off for a query?

First, you may be better off finding a SQL Server list.  

FWIW, and not a twisted solution per se, if the SQL server and your
twisted server are in a secured network you can send an http msg with
your create database statement.  This solution requires a webserver
(IIS) running on the sql server box and some configuration (a virtual
directory IIRC).

This solution will work from a non-windows OS.  For more complicated
queries, taking the ODBC black box out of the equation makes
optimization simpler (or even possible).  

LMA (Luvin my acronyms).


George Pauly
Ring Development

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