[Twisted-Python] sniffing multicast traffic

Ben Barker ben at bbarker.co.uk
Wed Mar 10 05:35:01 EST 2010

Hello - I wonder if someone can help:

We have some status info being sent by various machines using
multicast addressed udp packets. I have been attempting to use twisted
to write a python script that will passively monitor on the relevant
port for any udp packets with the specified multicast address, which I
can then parse the payloads of as required.

I have been looking at the examples here:


But I seem to have trouble getting them to receive anything at all.

I have managed to use tshark to display the packets :

tshark -i eth0  -x -l -f udp

so I know the data is there (coming isn on address, port 901)

Any suggestions?


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