[Twisted-Python] Escaping variable names

Kamil Wasilewski kamil at lucem.pl
Fri Mar 5 12:35:33 EST 2010

Hello Maarten,

Friday, March 5, 2010, 6:26:36 PM, you wrote:

> On Friday 05 March 2010, Kamil Wasilewski wrote:

>> from SOAPpy import WSDL
>> wsdlFile = "http://webapi.allegro.pl/uploader.php?wsdl"
>> server = WSDL.Proxy(wsdlFile)
>> server.soapproxy.config.argsOrdering = {'doGetCountries':
>> ['country-code', 'webapi-key'] }
>> server.doGetCountries(country-code=COUNTRYID}, webapi-key=WEBAPIKEY)
>> The above method allows me to specify the order and name of variables
>> being sent, but i have a problem since the variables have a "-" sign in
>> the middle, is there a way to escape it in the variable name or get
>> around the problem?

> Yes, you can pass them from a dictionary using the ** syntax:

> server.doGetCountries(**{
>         'country-code': COUNTRYID, 'webapi-key': WEBAPIKEY
>         })

          The above gives a syntax error...

> However, if you have the ability to change the API, it would be better to
> use underscores as separators in the argument names instead of dashes.

  Unfortunately the designer of the API is a large British company that
  forgot to take into account other languages than PHP.

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