[Twisted-Python] Twisted 9.0.0?

Tim Allen screwtape at froup.com
Fri Mar 5 06:51:57 EST 2010

On Fri, Mar 05, 2010 at 11:11:35AM +0000, Chris Withers wrote:
> Tim Allen wrote:
> > If "setup.py upload" involves "setup.py sdist" then I guess this is
> > ticket #4138 again.
> No, it doesn't... see the release process I use for my own packages here:
> http://packages.python.org/errorhandler/development.html#making-a-release

Hmm... at the bottom of that page, I see you run (among other things):

    setup.py sdist upload

...so presumably sdist *is* a prerequisite for upload. Or are you saying
that you can store any old file as dist/$PACKAGE-$VERSION.tar.gz and
"setup.py upload" will ship it to PyPI?

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