[Twisted-Python] Reverse HTTP proxy code review

Fred C fred at bsdhost.net
Tue Mar 2 14:19:32 EST 2010


I am totally new with Twisted and this the first code I have ever written using that package. One of my main problem was to figure out how to fit things together and I am not even sure I understand everything I am doing here.

Anyway, for a project I have to write a proxy that figure out where is located a resource by requesting a database. then figure out if the resource is accessible and them open a proxy connection to download that resource.

I was wandering if there is someone in that mailing list who can review that code and tell me how I can improve things. I know I am not accessing the database the right way but I can't figure out how to work with the Callbacks. 

Any help or advice will be very much appreciated. The code is available here: http://pastebin.com/BGcqzh4Y



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