[Twisted-Python] Does the default session expiry work?

Maarten ter Huurne maarten at treewalker.org
Tue Mar 2 13:55:49 EST 2010

On Tuesday 02 March 2010, markscottwright at gmail.com wrote:

> I'm using twisted 8.2 and (after reading glyph's latest "Twisted in 60
> seconds" entry), I've realized that my sessions never expire. I never
> added any session expiration code, but I thought that the default code
> expires after 15 minutes.
> In the below example, I modified twisted\web\server to make
> Session.sessionTimeout be 30 seconds (I also put a print statement in
> Session's ctor, as the log shows), then did two GETs separated by more
> than 30 seconds. As the log shows, it looks like the exact same session
> uid is being returned. I would expect it to be deleted by
> Session.expire, since time - lastModifiedTime > 30. Am I missing
> something?

Maybe you are encountering bug 3458?


If so, upgrading Twisted would help.


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