[Twisted-Python] qt4 reactor status

Steve Castellotti sc at puzzlebox.info
Sat Jun 26 14:03:30 EDT 2010


     I'm wondering if anyone can fill me in on the current status and 
plans for Qt support under Twisted?

     I've been working with PyGTK for most of my cross-platform 
applications over the past decade or so, but mainly for license reasons 
and to be honest GTK+ still looks pretty much the same visually as it 
did back in the early 2000's (especially on Windows). It feels time to 
move on to something a little less tired and a little better suited to 
mobile deployment (starting with the N900 at least).

     With Qt4 being LGPL'd and PySide offering the same as an 
alternative to PyQT's GPL-or-commercial-only choices, it seems like 
there shouldn't be any barriers to supporting it, save interest and time 
from developers of course.

     The last piece of information I could dig up was this trac ticket:


     It sounds like Dr. Glenn Tarbox is happy with a potential license 
change on the original qt4reactor code, but that still needs 
confirmation from Itamar Shtull-Trauring and Gabe Rudy (with no further 
comment in the last nine months). Whether the code itself is compatible 
with the current releases of Qt, PyQt, or PySide isn't clear (there is 
certainly no "stable" release suitable for serious re-deployment that I 
can find).

     The source itself is located here:


     ...but that code is now two years old, with the only update from 
Alan Franzoni a little over a year ago doing some initial cleanup work 
"in order to support better testing."

     I've really only begun getting familiar with Qt development, but as 
of this moment it seems like I should focus on learning the QtNetwork 
component and start porting over my Twisted libraries to that, as at 
least support is present and maintained - plus the licensing is clear.

     In the meantime, can anyone please update me if there has been any 
further work or consideration towards official Qt support for Twisted?


Steve Castellotti

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