[Twisted-Python] Getting at the underlying issue in a DNSServerError failure.

tom tom at t0mb.net
Wed Jun 16 03:02:53 EDT 2010

I would really like to know this too, but for DNSNameError instead (off 
the top of my head).  This is when using the LookupPointer() method.  It 
seems to return an error rather than a reverse DNS record if the forward 
DNS of the reverse DNS hostname doesn't match the original IP address.  
That's really not useful, but it seems to be the same way that GNU adns 
works, in python at least... which is a real pain to me as I've been 
trying to do 50K plus dns lookups tabulated with the IP, reverse DNS 
hostname, and forward DNS IP address of the reverse DNS in three 
columns.  I just seem to be getting lots of 'None's in my results..

In the end, I've had to use perl Net::DNS for reliable results after 
both twisted and python-adns failed to give me results, but I would much 
rather be using twisted if it could be made to work to my specification.

Cheers.  Tom.

Jason J. W. Williams wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> What is the best way to get at the underlying issue (i.e.
> non-responsive name server, NXDOMAIN, SERVFAIL, etc.) when receiving a
> twisted.names.error.DNSServerError?
> I'm issuing a resolver.lookupNameservers() BTW.
> The failure received by the errback generates this for
> failure.getErrorMessage() : <twisted.names.dns.Message instance at
> 0x101272908>
> Traceback prints: twisted.names.error.DNSServerError:
> <twisted.names.dns.Message instance at 0x101272908>
> So overall, not very specific. Any help is appreciated.
> -J
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