[Twisted-Python] making Screwtape (Tim Allen) a committer

Tim Allen screwtape at froup.com
Wed Jun 9 20:11:28 EDT 2010

On Wed, Jun 09, 2010 at 06:25:05PM -0400, Glyph Lefkowitz wrote:
> I think we should give screwtape an SVN account and make him an
> official reviewer.  He's been doing a lot of work on the distutils
> code which would be made easier by that, and he's been doing pretty
> decent reviews.

Well, this is a bit of a boost to the ol' ego. :D

The reason I've resisted asking for commit access before this is that
most of my efforts for Twisted have been either (a) things directly
useful for $EMPLOYER's Twisted deployments (such as the distutils
changes you mention), or (b) things indirectly useful for the purposes
of (a), such as cutting down the review queue to make it more likely
that my patches will be reviewed. While my non-work-related
contributions are non-zero, they're a lot less than my work-related

That said, I've been following the Twisted project since (checks
mailing-list archive) October 2002, and I fully intend to keep
contributing reviews at the very least no matter who my employer is at
the time.

If you still think I'm a good candidate for committership, I'll happily

Tim "Screwtape" Allen

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