[Twisted-Python] Dropping Python 2.4 support on Windows after 10.1

Ray Cote rgacote at appropriatesolutions.com
Wed Jun 9 18:04:18 EDT 2010

We have quite a bit of Twisted/Windows code and it has all been ported over to 2.5 or 2.6. 
I find it easier to upgrade Pythons on Windows since the bulk of our Windows products are shipped as py2exe containing their own interpreter. Cleaner than dealing with CentOS (for example) which has 2.4 in the base install. 

So, one positive vote for removing 2.4 support in Windows. 
I prefer your Windows support be focused  moving forward to 2.7. 


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Hey all,

I would like to propose that after Twisted 10.1 is released, we cease to 
claim support for Python 2.4 on any version of Windows.  This seems 
reasonable to me considering that Python 2.5 was first released in 
September of 2006 and that either Windows Python installations can be 
upgraded easily or very likely no upgrades are possible at all 
(specifically, no upgrades of Twisted).

The motivation for this is that we do not have the hardware resources to 
continue to test Twisted on Python 2.4 on Windows, particularly 
considering we will shortly want to begin testing on Python 2.7 on 
Windows.  If Windows/Python 2.4 support is important enough to anyone 
that they can offer to host the build slaves necessary to continue 
testing, then I'll withdraw the suggestion.

Lastly, I am not proposing dropping Python 2.4 support on any other 
platform (ie, Debian and Fedora).


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