[Twisted-Python] RDT/RTSP Library for Twisted

Laurens Van Houtven lvh at laurensvh.be
Tue Jun 1 02:58:36 EDT 2010

Thanks for contributing to Twisted!

A couple of things with regards to your questions and your project in

About the licensing issue: well, Twisted itself (as you probably
already know) is released under a permissive license, and that's a
conscious decision. The GPL can make it somewhat harder for companies
to use and potentially contribute to your code. Plus, your code is a
library, not a standalone app, which is an argument for a more
permissive license. If you *like* the GPL's copyleft bits, by all
means: please continue using it (just be aware that means quite a few
people will refuse to touch your code). Ideally, there'd be a license
identical to Twisted's.

Something that might be slightly more important: do you have a public
VCS repository somewhere (Launchpad, Github, Bitbucket...)? The people
you would want contributing are probably very scared of hacking on an
existing codebase without the ability to branch/fork and later merge
again :-) An additional problem is that there's no obvious way to
report bugs, which might scare people out of using it.

Somewhat related to the last question: you might want to consider
registering your thing in the Twisted Community Code (tx) group on
Launchpad for free advertising:


Lots of luck with your library and the app that presumably goes with
it (albeit a bit more under the radar ;-)),

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